About TheBossOffice

TheBossOffice is a mentoring forum for entrepreneurs and startup owners. It also offers business support services.

Thebossoffice was borne out of a strong need to salvage the prevalent economic challenges in Nigeria and other African countries. From our findings, Nigeria has well over 40 million micro, small and medium business enterprises which employ over 80% of Nigeria’s labour force and is the biggest contributor to Nigeria’s non-oil GDP. Our findings also reveal a 73% business death rate within this same sector within the first three years of operations.

Our research attributes the high failure rate in the SME sector to two key factors – poor funding options and poor leadership and management skills the small business owners possessed.

Thebossoffice is set up to address the main gap – business management and connect well-meaning Nigerian industry veterans, mentors, experts, and business owners to help startups and MSMEs to grow their businesses from infancy through to sustainability.

Our goal is to ensure that we reduce poverty and unemployment by strengthening the SMEs in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

We have a robust network of business mentors and experts from various sectors of Nigeria’s economy, business schools, and other big economies around the world.

Vision Statement

To be the foremost mentorship and business support institution out of Africa

Core Values and Cultural Pillars

We think the BOSS

  • B = Best Practices
  • O = Objectivity
  • S = Simplicity
  • S = Sustainability

Business Objectives

To help ambitious entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles at the cradle of their business, scale the business, connect with mentors and gain new insights to develop strategy and strengthen management skills.

“Business must be used as a tool to foster sustainable development. The crop of businesses that Africa needs are those that solve problems in a sustainable manner thus creating a social impact. Business should be used as a force for social and economic change. Businessmen would not do this unless someone points them in the right direction”
― Tereigh Banks Ozakpo