We provide free business success education tips and insights through our channels on digital and social media.

We provide free online business startup tool kit, preparing the entrepreneur for the future of doing business. During these business development sessions, we expose the entrepreneur to standard business frameworks;

  1. Business Model Canvas
  2. Business Plan (Presentation and Word versions)
  3. PESTEL and SWOT Analysis
  4. Business Pitch
  5. The ACE Matrix and more

These tools and frameworks help the entrepreneur/startup navigate the sordid waters of business growth and scaling.

We provide all types of business templates to SMEs/entrepreneurs – HR, Legal, Agreements, Policies, etc. at very affordable rates.

We have an array of business templates that are customizable to suit your paperwork needs. We have samples in every category. We also have affiliations with online template providers like Business-in-a-box and others.

We also maintain a team of credible legal and business partners that provide Pay-As-You-Use service, helping startups/entrepreneurs review legal documents for proper understanding and interpretation.


We help start-ups and entrepreneurs register their businesses with the government and other constituted authorities.

We have a special legal team that will guide you to make important decisions like shareholding ratio, partnership agreements, type of business etc. to make sure the entrepreneur does not make painful mistakes at the cradle of their business.

We can get your business registered in less than a week.

We provide special training for employers and employees for business optimization. We partner with industry experts to provide training in specific need areas for productivity.

Our training span three main business areas – leadership, strategy, and sales;

Course: Strategy, Mission Planning, and Analysis

  • Thorough review of vision, mission, and purpose of the company
  • Alignment test: Is the vision and mission SMART?
  • Setting a new vision and mission
  • Mission Planning and Analysis: Does Every Role Matter in The Company?
  • Mission Planning: From Planning to Execution
  • Adjusting Mission to Weather V.U.C.A.R Times
  • The Unique Business Execution Model

Course: Leading Self; Leading Others

  • Understanding Leadership in V.U.C.A.R Times
  • The 4 Leadership Environments
  • The Leader’s Role
  • Leadership in V.U.C.A.R Times
  • Conflict Management
  • Managing Corporate Politics
  • Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Leadership Types
  • The 7 Secret Faces Successful Leaders Wear

Course: The Service-Sales Agenda

  • Understanding the Buyer Journey: Why Do People Buy?
  • Selling to Individuals
  • Selling to Corporates
  • DNA of a Service Salesman
  • The Sales Cycle Redefined
  • Closing Mega Deals: Dos and Don’ts

We help SMEs do a thorough feasibility study within Nigeria and develop a standard business plan to ensure business decisions.

Our feasibility research usually answer questions around all the aspects of a business feasibility including;

  1. Market size estimation
  2. Customer segmentation
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Cost Analysis
  5. Revenue Streams and revenue optimization
  6. Strategic partnerships
  7. Forecasting devoid of noise etc.

The results of our feasibility research will usually answer so many questions that making crucial business decisions become easy for the entrepreneur.

We provide support services to SMEs to help them thoroughly review their current strategy and proffer new and more current ones to give their business a value boost.

Our mission planning and analysis sessions help the entrepreneur to make strategic decisions that will help every stakeholder realize their role in achieving corporate goals. We get very thorough in delivering the execution models that help our entrepreneurs realize the way forward.

We have frameworks that help the entrepreneur or business to analyze their current position and how to leapfrog to the next pedestal. We help businesses set SMART goals and missions, with proper measures of success, and a clear plan to achieve each measure.